About Me

Hi, I’m Samarth Joshi, and I have worked in the IT industry for 8+ years now. As far as I can remember, I was always interested in Computers and wanted to work in this field. It all started with video games, which led me to Programming and making the computer do stuff. It was when I got my first job where I got to see the IT side of things.

I started my career as an “Application Repackaging Engineer”. The best part about the project which we were supporting was that we had multiple teams assembled in the same place. Therefore, we had the opportunity to know a little about everything which was going on in the project. This eventually led to my movement to the SCCM team and that’s what has been a major contribution to my time which I spend on my work.

Apart from work, I love to read, play videogames, sing, play the guitar, and learn new things.