Relationship Between a SUG and a Deployment Package

…or lack thereof? I wanted to add that in the title as well, but unless there is a competition for the longest blog titles, I don’t want to waste my skill right now. In this post, we are going to discuss if there is any relationship between a SUG and a Deployment Package. TLDR What […]

Automation SCCM

MEMCM Infra Change Monitoring

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how to Audit MEMCM using Status Messages SQL Queries. Today’s post is going to talk about a similar topic of monitoring but changes the approach from reactive to proactive. After implementing this automation, changes in the MEMCM Console will trigger an email and/or Teams notification, as […]


Auditing in MEMCM Using Status Messages SQL Queries

If your organization uses MEMCM for configuration management, it’s more than likely that it is being managed by a team of people instead of a single person. And depending on how your organization works, you may have separate teams who creates collections, deploy the packages and applications, and the team that manages the infrastructure related […]


Returning Back to My MEMCM Lab After 6 Months

I built a Configuration Manager (MEMCM) lab in August 2020 as a means to learn more about it and assembled a desktop especially for the same purpose (and maybe a little bit of gaming as well). A couple of months later, I decided to move back to my hometown as we had an option to […]